The Ripcord Moment

Going Into Business With My Best Friend: Meli's Cookies | The Ripcord Moment (Ep. 28)

June 29, 2023 Joe Seetoo Season 3 Episode 28
The Ripcord Moment
Going Into Business With My Best Friend: Meli's Cookies | The Ripcord Moment (Ep. 28)
Show Notes

On this week’s episode of The Ripcord Moment, Joe Seetoo invites best friends and co-founders of Meli’s Cookies, Melissa Blue, and Melissa Mehall, to discuss how they started their gluten-free cookie company that now sells products in over 9,000 stores across the country.

Melissa and Melissa have been friends for 30 years. They say prioritizing their friendship over the company, finding mentors to seek advice from when experiencing tension, and realizing what areas are appropriate to compromise on have been critical for being able to maintain the closeness of their relationship while being business partners. 

Melissa and Melissa explain that the pandemic had both positive and negative effects on their company. When the pandemic ensued, people began baking more at home, so sales went up. However, in-person meetings with buyers transitioned into Zoom sessions, and many buyer meetings have stayed remote, making it harder to sell their product since buyers cannot taste it.  

A strategy that has helped Meli’s Cookies create more connections and find buyers is attending food shows and conventions. They also recommend business owners who may be minority-owned or women-owned to become certified, as this can potentially help them compete for federal contracts and gain recognition from stores who are looking to support minority and women-owned brands.

Melissa and Melissa also suggest listeners to consider raising funds earlier and working with people who have experience in their niche or industry. When starting a business from the ground up, you may not have time to train people to learn about the field. They say they have benefited the most from working with experts, mentors, and employees who are familiar with the food industry. 

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