The Ripcord Moment

Cultivate Culture Before Selling Your Business

October 19, 2022 Joe Seetoo Season 2 Episode 20
The Ripcord Moment
Cultivate Culture Before Selling Your Business
Show Notes

“What’s being expected from the younger generation is you’re sitting down with your manager and learning about the culture and values. What does the company stand for?” – Daan Renssen, Owner of PrideStaff.

In today’s episode of The Ripcord Moment, Daan and Joe discuss hiring trends, what job satisfaction means to the younger generation, and what the pandemic has taught companies about flexibility. 

Gone are the days when work is just a way to make money – now, companies are expected to improve the world around them, take stances on global issues, and foster their employees’ growth. This process starts right at onboarding; when they join a company, people expect to engage in deeper conversations with leaders because they want to feel aligned with their workplace’s goals and values.

Daan also reminds owners to polish their business’s online presence since job candidates will often research companies on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc. Additionally, he encourages them to ensure that their hiring process is simple and speedy as it is common for talent to be interviewing with multiple companies.

Lastly, Daan shares two action items for owners:

1. Before selling a business, owners should hire an HR agency to conduct a complete audit to ensure that their business is in good standing. The agency can also examine the workplace culture and may help improve it.

2. Before an owner leaves their company, they must ensure that any unsettled feelings and dynamics amongst their team are resolved. To minimize disruption, leaders must leave their team knowing the members work well together and are confident in the firm’s future. 

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